Rural matters: Roads that work for people should work for the environment, too.

Moving transportation forward.

WTI is the leader in rural transportation research.

Designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration as one of the top 10 National University Transportation Centers, we fulfill our charge of advancing the field of transportation and developing the next generation of professionals by conducting cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research. WTI is a department in the College of Engineering at Montana State University where we excel at partnering with faculty, other universities, transportation agencies and private sector partners.

The Montana and California Departments of Transportation founded WTI in 1994 in cooperation with MSU. The organization was designated as a UTC in 1998 and had its recognition renewed in 2005.

While we concentrate on rural transportation research, some of our projects address urban environments. And as stewards and champions of rural America, we also have a strong interest in research and projects related to sustainability, such as using recycled materials for roadways and providing rural public transportation options.