Systems Engineering Development and Integration Completed Projects

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  • WeatherShare

    The objective of this project is to streamline currently available weather data from Caltrans Roadway Weather Information Systems (RWIS) sites, National Weather Service sites, the U.S. Forest Service, and other sources available in the Redding area into one accessible source in a manner that is easily accessible by incident responders and potentially the traveling public.

  • Mobile Communication Briefcase - UTC

    The general goal of the project is to determine if a mobile communications briefcase system is viable using an open architecture and Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) equipment.

  • Portable TMC-TMS Communications Demonstration - UTC

    The general goal of the project is to present to Caltrans/other DOT technical staff a number of new, viable alternatives for TMC-TMS communications in a (semi-) realistic, portable demonstration environment using real ITS equipment. The primary outcome of the project is the demonstration, with the system itself and associated documentation as related deliverables.

  • Trailer Configuration & Deployment-UTC

    To install and test equipment designed to monitor traffic at remote locations and wirelessly communicate the data to a central monitoring center.

  • Integration of Aviation Automated Weather Observation System with RWIS - UTC

    The overall goal of this project is to identify the benefits and costs of integrating AWOS/ASOS meteorological data with RWIS weather data, and to create and test a prototype of an integrated system.

  • Nebraska DOR General Support Contract 2002


  • Automated Safety Warning System Controller

    WTI will conduct research to develop an “Automated Safety Warning System Controller” that will interface with roadside sensors and signs. The controller will collect automated data and apply best practice algorithms to analyze sensor data and actuate related warning messages and signals.

  • Redding District Incident Management Responder Study

    Develop and implement an at-scene data collection system for Caltrans District 2.

  • Development of a Prototype Integrated PDA/GPS System to Collect Roadkill Data UTC

    To develop a tool that enables employees from transportation agencies, natural resource management agencies and other interested parties to collect standardized animal road kill data with a system that is spatially accurate, easy to use, and that has a data format that is easy to integrate and analyze.

  • MANETs for Rural Public Safety

    The overall objective of this project is to enhance or develop a routing protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks and conduct proof-of-concept demonstration of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, as a method for enhancing wireless communications for law enforcement agencies in remote, rural locations.