Systems Engineering Development and Integration Ongoing Projects

  • ROCS - Phase 4 - UTC

    The objective of this fourth phase of the Roadkill Observation Collection System (ROCS) project will be to implement the PDA based version of ROCS from Phase 3 on a Google Android –based smart-phone.

  • Rural Traveler Information (One-Stop Shop) Phase 2

    The goal of this project is to investigate the expansion of a prototype information delivery mechanism throughout the western states region consisting of California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

  • Automated Safety Warning System Controller, Phase II

    This project is a continuation of the prior phase of the Caltrans Automated Warning System Controller project. The goal is to conduct further research and development of an automated warning system controller that can be easily configured to acquire sensor data from Roadside Weather Information Systems (RWIS), detection loops, Remote Traffic Microwave Sensors (RTMS) and video detection systems, and to prepare the system for deployment in Caltrans.

  • Coordinated Speed Management Systems to Reduce Speed-Related Crashes on Rural Roadways: Augmented Speed Enforcement (aSE)

    The long-term goal of this project is to develop and evaluate system concepts that can be implemented across the rural road network to reduce speed related crashes. As a first step, the immediate objective if this first phase of research is to deploy a system to reduce speed violations (citations) and the number of speed related incidents at work zones on rural highways.

  • Professional Capacity Building for Communications System, Phase 2

    The goal of this project is to develop, deliver, and evaluate a training curriculum on plant wired ITS communication technologies for rural ITS engineers and technicians.

  • WSRTC Meeting Coordination and Website Maintenance

    The objective of this project is to coordinate meetings and maintain a website for the Western States Rural Transportation Consortium (WSRTC).